Sublime Text 2 & SVN

Ever since i started working on Ubuntu 12 LTS, almost everything i see is ‘Terminal’ it was so annoying at the beginning, but, not anymore, i started to like it!!!!

But, One thing i still hate is, there is no SVN Shell Integration. To commit, update or anything else, i need to go terminal and do the ‘svn blah..blah. blah’ command. Just think about checking ‘show log’, ‘diff’, they are truly worse than hell!

Hello Sublime Text 2!

As we all know ‘Sublime Text 2’ is an awesome editor!!! (If you don’t know what it is peek here!)

With the ‘Package Control’ you can install so many cool stuff, one’em is SVN. Still there is no shell integration, but using sublime, SVN is lil more easier than doing it from Terminal.

To install Sublime SVN

1. Ctrl + shift + p and select ‘Install Package’

2. Select SVN and it will be start installing in the background

3. Once done (yay!..uh,  just in case, close and reopen sublime), right click the project list (SVN project of course), you should get it… cool, huh! Better than Traditional Terminal thing!

4. You can also do, ctrl+shift+p and type “SVN”, you can see lots of SVN functionalities (the easy way)

This is no better than GUI version of SVN which i’m still searching in Ubuntu 12. Though there are some few GUI in Ubuntu, sadly, they are really nothing compared to Tortoise SVN in Windows! Tsk!

Well, that’s it! If you find any better version of SVN for Ubuntu just lemme know… cuz, i’m too a moderate geek 😛

If you still like learning stuff, have a peek at Shortcuts in linux and tips and tricks!!