Installing Docker For Windows 10

I just started another day to write some code and Aurelia Framework caught my eyes. There are several ways in which we can install but using Node and Webpack seems neater way. Also, I’m in much favour for writing programs in Linux rather in Windows (Windows 10 is awesome though!). Previously install dual boot of linux in my system but just thinking, why the hell i need a dual boot if only i need just for programming. Ta-da! There is Docker ofcourse and recent version of them even provides Docker for Windows 10 directly. So, here we are today going to see and installing docker for windows 10.

Installing Docker for Windows 10

There are ways in which you can install Docker for Windows

Pre requirements

  1. 64 bit Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise and Education
  2. The Hyper-V package (Virtual machine!)

If you have passed requirement no 1, lets started on 2. (else use Docker toolbox) Even though according Docker, “The Docker for Windows installer will enable it for you, if needed.”.

You have to enable one more thing for “Hyper-V” first, else you will get the below error message after installing docker.

Hardware-assisted virtualization and data execution protection must be enabled in the BIOS

1. How to Enable Virtualization in Windows 10:

This is a tricky part for beginners, but very simple one. You have enable it BIOS screen.

  1. Restart your system
  2. Proceed to BIOS page (F2 for ASUS)
  3. Search for Virtualization Technology and enable it
  4. Save and reboot

Thats it. For the next step.

2. How to Enable Hyper-V:

You can either let Docker do this or you can do it yourself (It’s always useful to learn it manually!)

  1. Enter Turn windows features on or off in Search
  2. Scroll and see Hyper-V and check it!
  3. Restart again!

Finally, all our pre requirements has been completed. Now, lets see how to install Docker for Windows 10.

3. Installing Docker

  1. Download the stable Docker for Windows
  3. Follow the simple Wizard and Hit finish.
  4. Thats it, as simple as that.

Now let’s verify whether Docker is installed, go to Powershell and type docker --version. Did you get the below


You have successfully installed Docker in Windows 10, awesome!!!

4. Installing Ubuntu on Docker for Windows.

Next stop, let’s install Ubuntu in Docker to achieve our final goal

In powershell, give following command
$ docker run -it ubuntu bash


This will install ubuntu Docker Image in our Virtual Machine.
Now you are root user root@014150a01c9f:/# i.e. you are inside the Ubuntu Virtual Machine!
Type cat /etc/*release, you got the Ubuntu 16.04

Thats it!! We have installed Ubuntu 16.04 in Windows 10 Machine!

Hopefully this will give you the way to harness the power of both Ubuntu and Windows in a single machine! Stay tuned for more about using Docker

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