Sublime Text 2 Tips and Shortcuts

Sublime Text is the new awesome text editor out their right now. I know some people still prefer so many editors like Notepad++, Eclipse, Dreamweaver… But, if you’re the one looking for light-weight and fast editor (and smoooth).. Sublime Text 2 is the right girl for you!!!

Why Sublime Text 2?

Awesome File Lookup!!

Once you import your project/any folder into sublime, just press <pre>ctrl + p</pre> and start type any name of the file, its just fetches in lighting fast way

Instant Preview Thing!

Just click any file in the project bar and bamn!!! It shows the preview, how cool is that?? It means, you don’t have to open the file actual to peek it!

Package Control!

You gonna love this, it is like plugin and once integrate it, you will get all sorts of cool plugins, like, SVN Integration, Bracket Highlight, Coffee Compiler, GIT, LiveReload etc.,

(For how to install  package control, click here)

Multiple Select Edit

Sometimes, you want to make change of every line or add space in front of everything, instead of find and replace stuff, do this

<pre>Put the cursor on any line you want to edit and do the “Ctrl + left click”, you will see another cursor, keep on doing that and start typing, you can edit all the stuff in same type</pre>

Also, Double click any character, you will see highlight on the matched texts (like Notepad++), but, when on pressing <pre>ctrl + d</pre> all those match will get selecting and you can edit in same way!

Other Tricks

ctrl + r-> Function lookup

ctrl + shift + p -> Shortcut for most of things you want

ctrl + p -> type “#”-> To search within the file

ctrl + r-> To jump to symbols

ctrl + g -> To go to a line number.

ctrl + d-> Duplicate line

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