Goodbye Notepad++, Hellooooo Sublime Text 2 for PHP!!!

Updated: Check out the new article about VS Code and more features compared to sublime text 2!

Yo Fellow Coders & Newbies! ūüôā You might have used several editors for PHP and sure Notepad++ is the best one of’em (atleast for me :P)!!! But, recently i came a across another cool and “Lighhhtttiiing-fast” editor when i’m using Ubuntu. its Sublime2-Text!!!¬†Its so amazing when considering speed at which file opens and its smoothness! I tried it in my Windows 7 and best as it is But, to me that’s just a basic armor with cool items to be integrated it with! For ex., you can do a runtime validation for PHP ¬†during save or when typing itself useful Sublime Linter


Above is just a example, there are sooooooooooooo many cool packages/plugins you can install to make your pistol to like a gattling gun!!!

(If you wanna peek why Sublime Text 2, check it out here Sublime Text 2 Tips


Step 1: Install Sublime Text2 (duh!)

Download SublimeText2

Installing Sublime Text 2 on Ubuntu Linux

Step 2: Install Package Control (The gateway for Cool things to come!)

To do this

  1. Press Ctrl + ` in your editor, something like a console should show up!
  2. Paste the below line in it and …. Press Enter ofcourse!!!

3. Once done, restart sublime2, press “ctrl+shift+p” and type “Install package” and hit it!!! It worked for me in Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.

(note: If you got problem installing Package Control, follow here or Google it!)

Step 3: Install some packages!!!

For PHP, the useful stuffs are, (You gotta do the below in Package Control: Install Package by “ctrl+shift+p”)

  1. PHPcs
  2. sublimelint

( restart sublime!! and try a PHP Example, you should get syntax during type and saving!!! cool-huh??)

Step 4: Theme! Theme!! Theme!!!

I’m a theme freak! The editor color matters!

Default will be “monaki” its good and dark and…and.. sllleeepp! I expect my editor to be bright (and makes me awake during tough times :P)!!

  1. Same good old package control and type: “Theme – Soda” (one of the best themes and styling in Sublime) , Ofcourse, nothing did happen :P. to complete the deal,
  2. ¬†Open “Setting – user” from¬†preference¬†and enter the below within the json format (Dont ask what is json, google it)

¬† ¬† ¬†3. (Don’t forget to restart)

¬† ¬† ¬†4. Tadaaa!!! Check it now, it’d be much better now!

Step 5: To make it lil like Notepad++ (and not completely!)

  1. Download color theme packages.
  2. Click “Browse packages from Preferences”, Find “Color Scheme – Default” Folder and place the two files inside it (The files you got from Thats you can use those themes!!!
  3. To make even more configuration, Open “Setting-users from preferences” and enter the below lines

(Found the above cool trick from

As you can see, the tab switch will be like on notepad++ instead of something made of sublime2, which is somewhat different (Comment and check it yourself) and reindent is coool try it on your messy-messy code.

So, now you know… sublime2 settings are in json, you can easily configure anything, i mean anything (mostly) in these two settings! There are still many more packages (like

Just google it, you find tons of cool things about sublime2 and yea, did i mention, its free!!!! (Eventhough you can purchase for a license!!) Sublime2 rocks!!! Though i miss Np++ a lot i used that for nearly 3 years… but, time to learn something new! ¬†I even tried Eclipse Helios and Galileo, its good, but, its hell when installing plugins (For Java though, Eclipse Indigo is the best!!! A life saver for non-java programmers).

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